Woodville Charity Stuff


The Woodvilles have always been keen to donate their time and effort to Charities of many types.

Most of the Charity work has been done as a group in conjunction with other groups, and as such the Woodvilles have been merely a part of the fund raising process, such as the event in Belper in 2006.

Recently some members have started to organise individual events or collections. The first of these is our illustrious Captain, always a strange man, who worked a complete night shift in armour at Reading postal sorting depot and managed in one night to collect over £200 for the local hospital, just from his colleagues. We have raided the archives of the local paper, the Reading Post, click here to read what some people are doing while you are tucked up in bed.

Some of our Yorkshire Brethren spent a day in a primary school informing the children what life was really like in late medieval times. You can see them here

Next one of our less illustious members took time out from just annoying people and in 2009 raised over £130 for Children in need. You can see him looking hot and sweaty here. Well done Marcus!!

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