Mark's Bum Presents Edward II (poker boy) to Henry VIII (complete and utter bastard) as told by Shakespeare, Marlowe, Spenser and other playwrights. - All the bollocks has been taken out so not ar all boring. Brilliant listening once you get into it, I suggest listening in the dark with red wine, black Poo, pernod or absinthe - preferably with cat as well.



Brilliant and eye opening tale by Josephine Tey of a Hospitalised Scotland Yard Detective investigating the "crimes" of Richard the Third

BBC Radio

Vivat Rex 1- Edward II The King's Favourite

Vivat Rex 14 - Henry V St Crispin's Day
Vivat Rex 2 - Edward II Revenge
Vivat Rex 15 - Henry VI Joan of Arc
Vivat Rex 3 - Edward III Obsession
Vivat Rex 16 - Henry VI The White Rose and the Red
Vivat Rex 4 - Edward III The Black Prince
Vivat Rex 17 - Henry VI Witchcraft
Vivat Rex 5 - Richard II Treason
Vivat Rex 18 - Henry VI Jack Cade
Vivat Rex 6 - Richard II King of Snow
Vivat Rex 19 - Henry VI A Paper Crown
Vivat Rex 7 - Henry IV Victims
Vivat Rex 20 - Edward IV Warwick the Kingmaker
Vivat Rex 8 - Henry IV Vulgar Company
Vivat Rex 21- Edward IV The Tower
Vivat Rex 9 - Henry IV Rebellion
Vivat Rex 22 - Richard III The Little Princes
Vivat Rex 10 - Henry IV Corruption
Vivat Rex 23- Richard III Ghosts
Vivat Rex 11 - Henry IV Deception
Vivat Rex 24 - Henry VII The Pretender
Vivat Rex 12 - Henry V Tennis Balls
Vivat Rex 25 - Henry VIII Divorce
Vivat Rex 13 - Henry V Harfleur
Vivat Rex 26- Henry VIII Elizabeth