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The event at Detling (former WWII fighter base) is part of the Military Odyssey's organisation's series of events. The Woodvilles form the major part of the medieval presence there although there are re-enactors from ancient Greece to the Gulf War also present. It is a good mix of warfare and living history with an amazingly large market as well. In the past the Woodvilles have demonstrated Bill Blocks, medieval soldier training and archery as well as lots of living history. We also along with our sister organisations sport a large number of medieval field cannon and bombards, fifteen onet recent event. These days the Woodvilles re-enact a "what if" battle with Margaret of Anjou being caught by the Yorkists in Kent shortly after her arrival back in England in 1471, a sort of pre-Tewkesbury battle. It is also one of our few battles which are open-ended and so it works on the "last man standing" precept. we were rewarded after going on at the end of the afternoon by a member of the public saying it was the best fight she had seen all day!!

Pictures from Detling in 2005

Pictures from Detling in 2006

Pictures from Detling in 2007

Pictures from Detling in 2010

Pictures from Detling in 2011