The Woodvilles are happy to welcome new members from anywhere in the UK or abroad.

Our membership is made up of families, couples and singles of all ages. Some are experienced reenactors and some are new to the hobby. Many belong to other groups and portray other periods.

You are free to attend an event as a guest at first and don't have to wear any kit. You only pay membership if you decide to join permanently.
NB: The Woodvilles reserve the right to refuse membership as we see fit.

Woodville Membership Fee

A yearly membership fee is payable. This covers public liability insurance and the occassional group purchase or meal. Most take the membership fee out of their yearly payout. The payout is a nominal sum paid for attendance during the season, so the more events attended the larger the payout. Both adults and children are eligable, but to be eligable all memberships must be paid by 29th February of the new year. Payout money is drawn from the group bank account and is made up of the fees paid to the group by event organisers.

Adults over 16 years: £12.00 per year.
Children and teenagers under 16 years: £6.00 per year.

Federation of the Wars of the Roses ('Fed') Membership Fee

If you want to attend 'Fed' events like Bosworth or Blore Heath you must pay Fed membership. This provides the federation with administration costs and covers additional insurance. The fee for all members is £4.00 per year.


Should you wish to join us or simply come as a guest, please feel free to contact us.

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