What is Living History?


The coin die
Making tent pegs
using a shave horse
candle making
Net making
tablet weaving
paper making
pole lathing
Coracle making
Arrow making

Living history is a period display of daily life. The Woodvilles usually portray life in a fifteenth century military camp but displays can be created in different settings, for example domestic life within a castle or house.

From the point the display opens to the point visitors leave, the camp remains 'authentic'. This includes the the clothing worn, food eaten, and the activities and crafts displayed. Whether you are a history buff or not you will learn lots and have fun when you visit. .Living history provides a great opportunity to learn interactively.Members of the public are invited to enter the display and ask questions.

Things can get quite hectic at a busy display but you can go for a walk or escape to a closed tent at any time.

How do I join in?

Some people develop a craft display, but if you don't have a craft skill don't worry. As long as you look the part you can enter the camp, sit and chat, eat and drink and even take a nap. Or perhaps you would like to help another member, give a talk to the public, demonstrate weapons and armour, tend the fire or cook.

There are a range of characters you can portray. Medieval armies were full of 'camp followers' including: wandering friars, merchants, pardoners, beggars, physicians, prostitutes, priests, labourers, and washer-women to name but a few. Many travelled with the army to make money. You dont have to be a soldier or wife!

There is always something to do. Before you start it's best to ask the group captain what needs doing and if your skills match those of another member.

What Kit do I need?

The first thing you need is some clothing. Many call this 'cloth kit' in order to distinguish it from 'fighting kit'. A basic set of clothes, a pair of shoes and some simple accessories are required.

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