Shared Equipment

The group owns some shared equipment including things like a fire-dog, cooking utensils, tables, benches, an awning and tools etc. The group captain brings these to each event.

Our Coin Die

We own a coin die and can mint reproduction Edward IV pennies for display or sale. If you would like to try your hand at minting ask the group captain and he will run you through the public talk.

Selling Your Wares

If you have a craft and make a product you may be allowed to sell your wares on-site. This will depend on the circumstances.

Feel free to sell privately to members of re-enactment groups. Selling to the public will require the permission of the event organisers and may involve donating a small percentage to group funds. There may be a market at the event. Again, the organisers should be consulted.

Whatever and wherever you wish to sell, please ask the group captain for advice.

Hours of Display

This varies from event to event. Typically the public will arrive at 10am and stay until 6pm. Of course you don't have to be 'on duty' all the time and can come and go as you please.

Taking a Break

If you need to take a smoking break or just need a break from public gaze there is usually a closed tent in which to hide.

Toilet Facilities

Toilets will be placed nearby. These may be portaloos or a toilet block and will be outside the living history area. During the day some portaloos may be locked and only accessible to re-enactors. This ensures that facilities remain clean.


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