If you are thinking of organising an event or need to bring a heritage site to life, we are always happy to help.
The Woodvilles were founded in Hampshire in the early nineties. Many members have been re-enacting for over ten years. The group are part of the Wars of the Roses Federation and attended many of their events. We also guest for other groups like 'Livery and Maintenance'. In recent years we have organised many shows in our own right.

In the past we have hosted or participated in events at Warwick Castle, Berkeley Castle, Rochester Castle, De Haar Castle, Kenilworth Castle, Bosworth, Tewkesbury, Detling (multi-era) and others too numerous to mention. We have also performed one-off events for archeological trusts. The Woodvilles have also worked with English Heritage, Welsh Heritage, The National Trust and private enterprises for over many years. On occasion we may attend charitable event for no charge.

We pride ourselves on our professional but friendly approach and aim to improve our standards of authenticity with each passing season. We offer a broad selection of skills including:

Living history:

A camp complete with tents, crafts, cooking, dancing, medieval games, talks about daily life and demonstrations.

Battle displays:

We portray a 'bill block' of late medieval foot soldiers. We also field gunners, archers and armoured knights.


We have many skilled members and can show the following crafts: basket weaving, candle making, bodging (using a pole lathe), blacksmithing, armouring, leather work, fletching, net making, sewing and minting. We also display medieval cooking.

Weapons demonstrations:

We are able to show and demonstrate a number of weapons of the era including those used in hand-to-hand combat, archery and gunnery.

Working with Horses

Although we do not have our own horses we train out-of-season with those that do. Many of our members are experienced riders and owners outside of reenactment. We are one of the few "foot" groups that will actually 'fight' mounted troops

During the summer season you might see us working with 'Destrier', a group dedicated to the horse in later medieval life. Destrier display jousting in full armour and take part in reenactments. Click Here to Visit Destrier (it will open in a new window. When you have finished, close the window to return here).

Film Work:

Many of our members have experience in film extra work and have taken part in filming for everything from BBC documentaries (e.g. War Walks) to Italian TV sketch shows. Whether you are looking for individuals or a group, please feel free to contact us.

Insurance and Safety:

The Woodvilles hold their own public liability insurance and are dedicated to maintaining health and safety for members, the visiting public and fellow re-enactors.

Working with Children

Our members are always happy to undergo police checks before attending school events, with many of already having CRB certificates due to our usual employment.

For further information, please contact us via the contact page.

Thank you.

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